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Golden age of the Tajiks The golden age of the Tajik nation is connected to the time of the Samanids, a period which gave an unprecedented rise to the genius and creativity of the people in science, art, literature and culture. The learning and culture, science and philosophy, which flourished during this period, not only linked together the past, present and future of the Tajik nation, they also bridged the gap between the civilization of the East and the West. It is hard to imagine that mathematics, natural sciences and philosophy could have reached the present day level of development had it not been for the discoveries and achievements made by Omar Khayam, Mohammed al Khorazmi, Nasr al-Farabi, Zakhari al-Razi, al-Biruni and many other scholars. Tajikistan — Blessed with Nature and Rich History The city is situated on the confluence of two rivers. Although archaeological remnants dating to the 5th century BC have been discovered in the area, there is little to suggest that Dushanbe was more than a small village until around 80 years ago. In , the last Emir of Bukhara briefly took refuge in Dushanbe after being overthrown by the Bolshevik revolution. He fled to Afghanistan after the Red Army conquered the area the next year. Khazrati Shoh Mausolem located in Chorku, near Isfara, is the carved wood and dates back to 10th — 11th centuries.

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 · Tajikistan’s capital, Dushanbe, is located in the extreme west of the country, about a one-hour drive from the border with Uzbekistan. Dushanbe was formed in , when three small settlements of 5, people were united. It became the capital when Tajikistan became an

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Muffled with a thick snow layer during the winter time, the foothill mountains keep their snow-white cover for a long time, and only the first rays of spring sun are able to melt it, exposing… a small miracle: From time immemorial, this incontestable proof of coming of a long-awaited spring was a cause for great festival among the Tajiks. Following him the rest rural small fry ran to the mountains to pick up snowdrops and give them to their mothers, sisters, neighbors, and teachers — all the village women as a symbol of a resurgent life, youth and beauty.

The women put the flowers to the eyes and give thanks to God that they lived to see the spring and treat the children with sweets, baked goods and fruits All the kinsfolk and friends gather for the treat. This festivity is a preparation for the main spring holiday — Navruz. Tulip Festival Sayri Lola The spring snowdrops are followed by tulip flowering. It falls on summer season when the mountains have been already covered with a carpet of emerald greens on which red, yellow, pink tulip flower-buds, as though embroidered with a skilful hand, are blossoming … This is such an impressive eyeful that a whole festival is devoted to this event.

The Tajiks call it Sayri lola.

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Timeline of Dushanbe history Situated at the confluence of two rivers, Varzob and Kofarnihon , Dushanbe is the capital of Tajikistan. Although archaeological remnants dating to the 5th century BC have been discovered in the area, there is little to suggest that Dushanbe was more than a small village until the early 20th century. The first written mention of the village of Dushanbe occurred in It was at the crossroads, where a large bazaar occurred on Mondays, hence the name Dushanbe-Bazar Tajik: Monument of Amir Ismail Samani.

The hotels in Dushanbe and Khorog are comfortable and clean, but accommodation in the Pamir Mountains will be pretty basic. At the local homestays, we’ll sleep on thick mattresses instead of beds, and there’ll be of us in each ://

An active proponent of Buddhism, he sent out religious missions and stated some of the Buddhist principles in inscriptions. Alasandra was probably Alexandria in the Caucasus, in the region of modern Kabul, while Pallavabhogga lay on the eastern frontier of Parthia—in Margiana or a Parthian subject state in Afghanistan Litvinsky, , pp. Later it penetrated other Central Asian regions, reached Xinjiang from Central Asia and Kashmir, and continued moving eastward.

The date for the arrival of Buddhism there is given by a Tibetan chronicle as 84 BCE and appears probable Emmerick, , p. A 1st-2nd-century CE manuscript of the Buddhist canonical text, the Dharmapada, was found in Khotan, and so it is likely that other canonical works would have been in circulation there in that period Brough, p. Of the numerous Buddhist ruins in these regions, the earliest are dated to the Kushan dynasty 1st-3rd centuries.

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It also became a cultural hub and several famous poets and scientists came from this city. Khujand was fathed by the Muslim armies in the early 8th century under Qutayba ibn Muslim , and incorporated into the Umayyad and later Abbasid Caliphates. In the late 9th century, however, it reverted to local rule of Turkic governors, and eventually incorporated for a short period into the Samanid Empire. It came under the rule of the Kara-Khanid Khanate in and after the division of Kara Khanids in , it was initially part of Eastern Kara Khanids, and then later passed to the western one.

Karakhitans conquered it in , but it passed to Khwarazmshahs in

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The dancing usually has no set choreography and consists mostly of fancy stomping and squatting. Culturally and linguistically related to their Finnish cousins, Karelian dance also has similarities. Komi Dance Below is a folk dance originating from the Komi peoples of north European Russia and northwestern Siberia mostly west, but also east of the Ural mountains. While long amalgamated into the broader Russian culture, many remnants of the Komi culture still exist.

Closely related culturally and linguistically to their Chechen neighbors, music, song and dance are highly regarded in the Ingush culture. Chechen Dance The largest and most widely known of all ethnic groups in the North Caucasus are the Chechens.

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Ito rin kung saan nagsimula ang relihiyong Hudaismo , Kristyanismo , Islam at iba’t ibang Abramikong paniniwala. Kasaysayan Ang Asya bago ang Imperyong Mongol Ang kasaysayan ng Asya ay makikita bilang kolektibong kasaysayan ng ilang mga natatanging mga paligid pandalampasigan mga rehiyon tulad ng Silangang Asya , Timog Asya , at ang Gitnang Silangan Naka-ugnay ito sa pamamagitan ng panloob na tumpok ng mga taong hating Asyano at Europeo sa kapatagan.

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Sitemap Pavement Tessellations One of the few applications tessellation has is in the use of actual street pavings. Pavings as such have a long history, seen world wide. Of interest mathematically is to what tilings have been chosen for this purpose; in that what is it exactly that makes a certain tiling attractive enough to be manufactured as a paving?

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The country was formerly known as Persia. Mount Damavand, Elburz mountains, Iran Image: Most of the country is situated on the Iranian Plateau a geological formation in Western and Central Asia , with the exception of the coastal regions at the Caspian Sea and the Khuzestan Province in south west at the Persian Gulf.

The Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse is one of the city’s top attractions. This intricately constructed Persian teahouse was a gift from Boulder’s sister city in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. It is hand-carved and hand-painted in vibrant colors and serves up over teas. Learn more about the building’s history and how to enjoy the beautiful Dushanbe Teahouse in ://

Reviews 1 The day tour from Tashkent to the cities of Pamir region is a traditional tourist route to Tajik natural and historical sites. The tour program includes familiarity with the history of the oldest cities of Central Asia, the monuments of Sufism, visiting hot healing springs Garam Chashma, ruby deposits Kuhi Lal, the largest salt lake in Pamir — Karakul with shaggy yaks grazing on its coast and so on.

Go through border formalities on both checkpoints. Meet your Tajikistan guide and drive to the town of Khujand for a short city tour. Overnight at the hotel. Khujand — Istaravshan 85 km, 1,20 h — Saritag km, 3,30 h In the morning drive to Saritag via Istaravshan.

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